"We were very pleased with the service we received from Oran Kaufman. He showed empathy, impartiality, great communication skills, and expertise in navigating legal processes. He successfully mediated conflicts, facilitated a fair agreement, and supported us emotionally through a challenging process. We are very satisfied clients and would highly recommend Oran." February 2024


"I recently worked with Oran Kaufman to settle a separation agreement between myself and my long time partner with whom I have two children. I thought that he did a very good job, he was easy to communicate with, explained the process clearly and thoroughly and he seemed fair and impartial. I especially appreciated that he worked with us on our own timeline and did what he could to get the process done as quickly as possible from his end to save us money. I would absolutely recommend him for any mediation needs, especially since he is an experienced licensed attorney." December 2019

" It is nice to have the chance to share my experience of working with Oran Kaufman through my/our divorce. While ours has been very amicable, it was also emotional and Oran was able to guide us through all the steps of the process. He was organized, approachable, easy to understand and very supportive. He was extremely fair and balanced, and remained committed to communicating equally with both of us, and not taking sides. I highly recommend him to anyone going through the divorce process." July 2019

"If you are looking for a less expensive and more civil option to getting a separation or divorce than each of you hiring lawyers, Amherst Mediation Services and Oran Kaufman in particular is the way to go. Civility will be up to you, but Oran is skilled and knowledgeable in facilitating it. He walked us through the whole process, providing the right paperwork and answering any questions or concerns we emailed him in a timely manner.

He was extremely fair, making sure that we both had expressed what we needed to, and that we agreed to the terms of the separation agreement without taking any sides. He provided no opinions, just led us with how divorce works in Massachusetts, and what to expect at our court hearing (which I was very nervous about, but had no need to be, since he had well prepared us). Once we approached the judge, she looked down and realized we had been mediated by Oran Kaufman, and stated this would make the proceedings faster.

He was kind and mindful about our situation, and did not drag things out. He made sure things were situated and prepared in as few sessions as possible. My ex and I are grateful to Oran for making a difficult situation less stressful for us."
June 2019

"Oran was very good. He was thorough and helped worked through all the details with very little friction. When it came to file our paperwork he put it all in order, gave clear direction and made it all very easy".

"We engaged Oran to assist us with mediating our separation and eventually filing for divorce and he was terrific! He is very knowledgeable and walked us through the entire process, explaining everything and helping us to reach an agreement that met our needs. Most importantly, he listened and was respectful and fair to both of us - he really worked with us and helped us get through a sad and difficult time."

"We went to Oran for our divorce agreement, and he was fantastic. He understood that even under the best circumstances these kinds of negotiations are difficult and painful, and his warm, kind and caring approach made what could have been a horrible experience much more generative and productive. I would encourage anyone looking for mediation services to consider reach out to Oran."


"Great job. Very fair and honest. Upfront with cost .  Just a pleasure to work with in a tough time."

"We interviewed four prospective mediators before deciding to hire Oran Kaufman. Our divorce mediation was difficult but Mr. Kaufman was both optimistic that we could find solutions and realistic about the facts on the ground. We found Oran to be intelligent, perceptive, and patient with us and he helped us disentangle from some heated and seemingly impossible deadlocks. Though it was never a stated goal of the mediation, my wife and I got through our divorce and we have remained friends - in part because of our clean and orderly mediation process."

"Oran was especially helpful in the procedures and processes of dissolving our marriage. He had unique suggestions on different ways to distribute pension and alimony.  During this difficult period he was genuinely caring, understanding and fair to us both. We represented ourselves in court and he made sure we understood the complete process and provided a document explaining every detail right down to what we should wear. Thank you Oran!"

"We chose Oran Kaufman based on his many years of experience and were not disappointed. He guided us to a separation agreement that was in the best interest of all — with a minimum of conflict and expense. He also properly prepared us to represent ourselves at our hearing. I highly recommend Oran to anyone considering divorce mediation."

"I have had the occasion to work with Oran for several years.  After helping me and my ex-wife arrive at a suitable Separation Agreement, Oran has continued to help with the ongoing communication problems and subsequent revising of said Agreement.  I've always found Oran very good at keeping the discussions focused while allowing both parties to air their respective grievances.  He does this with class, humor, and a great understanding of the Law.  I could not recommend him highly enough."

"I would not want Oran Kaufman's job as divorce mediator! But I will say, if someone's got to do it, Oran is the one! He does it well, with compassion, skill, fairness, and intelligence. He has the ability to look beyond the strong emotions and see the issues at hand. This allows people to feel safe, and work efficiently towards resolution. I recommend him highly."

"We were looking for a divorce that was as economical and fast as possible. Oran Kaufman gave us exactly what we wanted. He conducted himself professionally at all times. He didn't waste any time. He made the process easy and skillfully guided us through any disagreements. He saw us in the evening so we didn't have to miss work. I have never been to court and he was very thorough with his instructions about what to do so all would run smoothly. Even the court secretary said that she likes when Oran's clients come because she knows the paperwork will be in order. Everything did go smoothly. You will not be disappointed with Oran Kaufman as your mediator."

"My experience with Oran Kaufman and Amherst Mediation Services was excellent. His friendly, low key manner and ability to clearly delineate the issues and parameters that needed to be discussed was extremely helpful. I would recommend his services to anyone looking at the mediation process."

"Oran guided us skillfully and supportively through the process of developing our settlement agreement. His knowledge, expertise, and professionalism enabled us to move through the process with clarity and purpose, and he was effective in mediating differences and easing tension along the way. "

"It was reassuring and productive to have Oran working with us. He provided us with timely information and guidance with regard to the steps in the process, including what forms we would be required to complete and how to prepare them for the court. I am certain it would have been a much more difficult and emotionally-challenging process without his help. I am grateful for Oran's work with us. "

"I know you will find Oran to be compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced. He is a wonderful mediator. He will guide you through the entire process with skill and sensitivity. I wholeheartedly recommend him."
"Oran was knowledgeable, compassionate and responsive to our needs and timetable. He made what could have been an awful process into a process where we felt that we were not flailing in the dark and felt that we were being guided and taken care of."

"When we started asking around about mediation, Oran's name kept popping up. I now know why. He is diligent, professional and takes his job very seriously. He helped us with some very difficult issues and did it in a way that made both of us feel respected and heard. I highly recommend the mediation process and highly recommend Oran as a mediator."

"Going through the whole mediation process with another mediator left us with a separation agreement that we didn't feel confident about. Oran's careful, expert help helped us to quickly revise the agreement to our satisfaction, and we were delighted to find after filing that he had a great reputation at court. His advice and guidance helped us to finish the difficult process of divorce with the confidence we wanted. Thank you so much for helping"

"The mediation process was with Oran was open, straightforward and fair. It was clear from the start that Oran knew what needed to be done and how best to make it happen."

"Oran helped make the logistics of divorce clear and doable and we felt well prepared when we met with the Judge."

"Oran’s candid approach, his knowledge and understanding of the divorce process and his supportive style makes mediation an attractive alternative to protracted court battles."

"Oran’s unbiased approach allows everyone to get down to business."

"Oran was an advocate for both parties and instilled a sense of trust."

" I want to thank you for your thoughtful and experienced guidance with our divorce.  It was a long time coming and your skills helped immensely with the various legal and personal vagaries inherent in the process."

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your efforts during this traumatic time.  Because of your support, we were able to reach mutual agreement on all issues, and were able to go through the legal process without any problems or delays."

"Thanks for helping to make an inherently challenging and difficult process go as smoothly and painlessly as possible"

"My experience with Oran Kaufman was everything I could have hoped for in the context of my divorce. Having never had to go through the process before, Mr. Kaufman proved to be clear, knowledgeable and willing to meet our particular needs with professionalism and understanding. I suspect without his help, my divorce would not have been as smooth as it was."

"Oran represented me in connection with my uncontested divorce. I wasn't in my right mind at the time and I probably would have signed anything sent by my wife's lawyer just to get through the legal minefield called "divorce". Oran saved me from making a huge mistake that would have had long-lasting consequences. His gentle guidance made all the difference.""

"I cannot thank Oran Kaufman enough for his help in our divorce settlement. Without his services I could not have navigated through the maze of paperwork required by law. Oran is a great lawyer. He looks out for his clients not simply by being aggressive (as I had imagined lawyers to be) but by being a good listener.   Oran is detail-oriented, and has a razor-sharp ability to catch problem areas in documents.  He is also extremely efficient with his time and focused in his assistance both in meetings as well as email, which is something I really appreciated since every minute he spent for me translated quite literally into money that came out of my constrained pocketbook.  His easy office-manners, and a great sense of humor, proved to be very reassuring during our meetings, and made the difficult work I was doing feel smoother. I am most impressed by Oran’s humanity. His deep compassion for clients and their complicated life decisions makes me imagine him as a wonderful friend to have."
"His services and style persuade me that working with a mediation lawyer is probably the most efficient and humane way of making good legal choices and still staying emotionally healthy during the otherwise muddy process of a divorce."

"Oran guided us through a very difficult process with both sensitivity and professionalism, he was always available when I had questions. He wrote up a very clear mediation report for the court. I highly recommend him."

"Oran did an excellent job in helping us mediate what must always be a difficult and sensitive situation. His patience and knowledge were extremely helpful to us. I would recommend him unhesitatingly."

"Oran is a hardworking, trustworthy, extremely caring person who we feel fortunate to get to be our son's lawyer for his divorce. We're from Montana and our son has has a brain bleed and all the work was done over the phone and from afar. Oran worked hard and kept us informed every step of the way. We would highly recommend Oran to anyone who needs a lawyer, you won't find a harder more knowledgeable worker in our eyes."

"Oran Kaufman is helping me get through a very difficult and emotional divorce. He not only knows his stuff, but is a clear communicator and a great listener who keeps me aware of everything he does.
He gives options for me to think about, and we work together on how to proceed. From day 1 I knew he had my back. He is soft spoken and gets his point across to the other lawyer with respect and firmness. Not an easy thing to pull off. I see Oran as having the people skills of a good therapist, and the teaching skill of a law school professer. Because of his diligence and hard work , I will be ending this process with a fair settlement, and much more knowledge about Finances. What makes Oran extra special is he is also a compassionate and down to earth person I feel comfortable confiding in him and super lucky that I found him to represent me in my divorce. I can't recommend him enough."

"Oran provided excellent legal service, compassion, understanding and guidance. He is thoughtful and clear thinking. He is a mediator at heart and quickly identifies common ground and a reasonable resolution while remaining a strong advocate for his client. If you're looking for a 'shark' and a 'fight' you should look elsewhere. I recommend Oran without reservation."

"Oran is a very warm, intelligent and intuitive mediator. This kind of experience is never pleasant, but he made it comfortable and easy to get through. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who is going through a similar experience. I felt like I understood the parameters of what was happening every step of the way, and felt totally prepared for the last meeting before the judge."

"If you need good, sound legal counsel, Oran is the attorney for you. His mediation skills are excellent and he will work you and the other parties involved to create a solution. He navigated me through a very stressful child custody case. His advice on how the process worked and likely actions of the other parties and responses from the Court was spot-on. I do not think I would have kept my sanity during the worst year of my life without the calm guidance of this man. Oran has my greatest respect for how he helped me with my legal needs."

"We went to Oran for a mostly amicable divorce and we both went away liking him very much. He made us both feel comfortable and respected and helped us to settle any disputes quickly and professionally. He was warm and friendly without being too chatty (which I really appreciated since it kept our cost down!) He was patient when we needed time to get our financials in, informative about the court process, and obviously knew his way around the system. I have recommended him to a few couples and I will continue to do so. Thank you Oran!"

"When my soon to be "X" and I visited the courthouse to set our court date, the clerk asked us who was our mediator. We replied Oran Kaufman and she blurted out “Oh, he is excellent”. As she flipped through the paperwork Oran had prepped for us to fill out, she just nodded and nodded. Our Judge was smiling and friendly (that I truly did not expect) and Oran had given us very specific instructions on how to present ourselves appropriately. Bottom line, the actual divorce proceedings were very easy and anti-climactic. Negotiating a divorce sucks. No way around it. But Oran is adept at finding the middle ground and keeping the conversation alive even when one or both parties freak out. I think he was a Guru in a past life. I couldn’t recommend him more highly."

"My ex and I really had a simple separation, we were civil at the time so it was very cut and dry – even still, Oran walked us through the entire process step by step and made sure we were both fully aware of all of our legal options. I truly believe even if we had a situation that was more complex he would have just as great about it. Thanks to him, the process was quick and within 24 hours of submitting our paperwork to the court, we had a court date."

"Very professional. Guides you through the process well and knows what is required to prepare for court. Entire transition went very smoothly. The papers passed through court without a hitch."

"The best review for any attorney is one who cares for his clients foremost. Mr. Kaufman is such an attorney. My wife and I went to him to mediate our divorce and through his kindness and perception, we are now working to keep the marriage together. Being the person at fault and regretting my actions I can only thank Oran for this out come. I strongly recommend Mr. Kaufman and support mediation as the best option when a marriage is in distress."

"Oran is not just professional, he gave that extra to truly have my coparent and I understand the law so we could make the best possible decisions for our children. He was quick, knowledgeable, and wonderful about getting back to us with answers to questions. Exceptional person and attorney."

"Divorce is not fun. that said, I used Amherst Mediation Services and found Oran Kaufman to be really helpful in getting to an agreement. He was clearly knowledgeable about the law, the forms, and the process. In addition, he did a good job respecting all viewpoints and helping my ex-husband and I come to solutions on difficult issues. Oran created an efficient and safe way for us to work things out and get on with our lives."

"Oran Kaufman was instrumental in our completing a successful mediation. He was a clear communicator. He explained the process. He guided the process. There were times when I thought that we were going to have to go to court, but he mediated our way through those rocky shoals. I honestly don't think anyone could have done a better job."

"My ex and I decided it was time to divorce in 2020 yet we did not want to give away all of our savings to have two lawyers fight it out in court for years. We researched the most practical attorney/mediator for our needs. We decided on Oran. He is extremely professional and provided us with sound advice based on our thoughts on what we both wanted in the divorce settlement. He pointed out areas of concern that we negotiated, as well as prepped us for our 'Zoom' day in court. Everything was handled in a professional manner and at a very reasonable price! If you are looking for a mediator, I highly recommend Oran. He has many years of experience and will easily walk you through a very difficult time in your life." April 2021

"We recently worked with Oran Kaufman through our divorce. It's an emotional and scary time. Although it was amicable it was a process, we feared.  But Oran was easy to communicate with from the first phone call to our last mediation session. He was fair and supportive to both myself and my wife, making sure both of our interests were met, not favoring one side.  During our mediation sessions he was caring, knowledgeable and most importantly...patient.  At the end of our mediation Oran filled out all the court forms and instructed us how to present ourselves to the court.  We highly recommend Oran if you are looking for a civilized and affordable way in the overwhelming process of a divorce." February 2023