Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a process in which a third party neutral works with two or more people to help them reach resolution on issues or conflicts that may exist between them. In divorce mediation, the mediator works with the divorcing couple to help the couple reach a complete resolution on the various issues in their divorce.


Civil Litigation Mediation

Civil Mediation is a process for resolving disputes by which an independent neutral/mediator assists the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable settlement. It is effective for resolution of many types of civil disputes including personal injury, sexual harassment, workplace disputes, landlord tenant disputes and contract disputes.


Collaborative Law & Alternatives

Collaborative Law is an alternative to the adversarial system of resolving disputes. Each client hires an attorney specially trained in Collaborative Law and all participants begin by agreeing that they will not resort to litigation against one another while the Collaborative process is ongoing but rather will attempt to resolve the matter through structured negotiation.


Mediation and Alternatives to Litigation

For over 25 years Oran Kaufman has been providing mediation services to residents of the Hampshire County, Hampden County, and Franklin County in the areas of family law and elder law. In 2004, Oran became trained in the emerging field of Collaborative Law and now offers collaborative law as another option for couples in resolving their divorce. Oran is certified by the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, and Advanced Practitioner with the Association for Conflict Resolution and Academy of Professional Family Mediators. He is has written numerous articles about mediation, trains mediators and is an adjunct professor at Western New England University School of Law where he teaches mediation. Danielle Barshak joined Amherst Mediation Services in 2015, following a successful career as a litigator. She mediates all forms of civil disputes including personal injury, employment, landlord-tenant and sexual harassment cases.

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