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Oran Kaufman has been a family law attorney since 1989 and has been mediating since 1994. Since 2004 he has limited his practice to mediation, collaborative law, consultation and helping clients resolve their cases in a non-adversarial manner. He has published widely on the subject of family law and mediation, has presented at numerous conferences and panels and is a currently an adjunct professor at Western New England University School of Law.

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Danielle Barshak has been practicing law since 1989, first as an Assistant District Attorney and then as a litigator with the firm of Stobierski and Stobierski. Attorney Barshak has successfully handled both simple and complex criminal and civil matters. Attorney Barshak has represented clients in various civil litigation matters including cases of sexual abuse, personal injury, employment discrimination and medical malpractice.  In 2015 she joined Amherst Mediation Services and began using her years of litigation experience to help clients resolve their disputes through mediation.

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