Conflict happens. Conflict is an everyday fact of life.  It happens in our interactions with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and strangers. Most of us are not great at conflict resolution.  Humans are hardwired to react to conflict in two ways: fight or flight.

That is, one common reaction to conflict is to engage in battle.  We see this everywhere from the global and political level to conflict on the playground.  The other even more common approach to conflict is to avoid and ignore it in the hope that it goes away.  Neither approach is effective.  Engaging in a fight only escalates the conflict.  Sweeping it under the carpet only keeps the conflict festering allowing it to rear its head in the future in a more pronounced way.

Unfortunately, conflict resolution skills are not commonly taught in schools   Appropriate conflict resolution skills are also typically not included as part of employee training.  Conflict resolution skills can help not only navigate the conflicts that inevitable arise, but can help transform a possible negative situation into a positive one. In short conflict resolution skills are essential.

At ConflictWorks we feel that when conflicts arise, we can choose two paths, escalation or appropriate resolution leading to positive transformation.  Conflict is a form of friction.  Friction is a source of energy.  Depending on how it is handled and used, energy can be powerful and useful or destructive.  Conflict is the source of inspiration, innovation and creativity.  After all, why does innovation occur?  As a result of dissatisfaction with a way of doing things- a conflict of sorts.

Learning effective conflict resolution skills is easy and can benefit anyone.  It will help you in family relationships and work relationship.

ConflictWorks provides trainings in the following areas:
  • Training of employees in the use of employee-employee mediation
  • Training of supervisors  and managers to act as facilitators in employee-employee disputes
  • Training students in the use of conflict resolution
  • Training of Elder Care Professionals in the use of conflict resolution
  • Couples
  • Parent child
  • Family business

If you are interested in learning more about how ConflictWorks can help your business or organization with conflict resolution training or intervention, call us at 413-256-1575 for a free consultation.