About Danielle Barshak

Danielle Barshak is an experienced litigator who has successfully handled both simple and complex criminal and civil matters.  As a mediator, she is both passionate and  empathic.  Her non-judgmental listening style and gentle probing help elicit open communication and better mutual understanding between disputants.   Her common sense and balanced insights help lead participants to supportable resolutions of their disputes.   She encourages creative problem-solving to maximize benefits for all parties.   Attorney Barshak is both patient and relentless, and will work tirelessly to help parties realize the best possible result.

As an attorney, Attorney Barshak represented clients in various civil litigation matters including cases of  sexual abuse,  personal injury, employment discrimination and medical malpractice.    Through representation of her clients at mediations, Attorney Barshak saw the powerful impact mediation can have.   Besides receiving an acceptable monetary settlement, Attorney Barshak's clients felt heard and respected, by the mediator, their counsel and the opposing side.  People whose lives had been wracked by past experiences, were able to finally move toward a better, more successful and enjoyable present.   Witnessing the transformation of people through the powerful experience of mediation impelled Attorney Barshak to make the change herself from litigator to mediator.   Being a mediator allows her to help each person who engages in mediation, to feel heard, to regain their sense of self-determination and to reach a fair and lasting resolution.

The matters which Attorney Barshak will mediate include, but are not limited to:
  • personal injury;
  • employment disputes including discrimination;
  • sexual abuse or harassment;
  • contract disputes;
  • landlord/tenant;
  • neighbor disputes;
For matters for which it would be beneficial to have both a male and female mediator participating, Attorneys Kaufman and Barshak will combine their experience to offer co-mediated sessions.  This may be helpful in cases where there may be an imbalance of power or the perception of such an imbalance between the genders.    Whether alone or together, Attorneys Kaufman and Barshak will ensure that each party to a mediation has the opportunity to fully explore and explain their situation, feelings and needs.

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